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Being Productive Can also Be Energizing

June 11, 2015

by Dr. Steven Callis

There is a local car wash company that offered their basic wash for free during the month of their grand opening.  Five months later, that basic wash is still free, and who does not love the look of a freshly washed vehicle?  One can use the free vacuum, get the free wash, and be back on the road within fifteen minutes, using the savings on a burger and shake.  What a deal.

However, there is also the option of spending two or three hours at home giving the vehicle that personal touch: wash, wax, windows, and detailing the interior.  The average person likely would not notice the difference between the results of the two options, but doing the work oneself seems to instill a renewed love and appreciation for the vehicle.  Thoughts of trading for a newer model dissipate because of the time spent to make it appear newer than it did three hours earlier.

The same principle seems to exist pertaining to lawns.  A freshly mown lawn smells good and looks good.  And while a professional may actually do a better job on my lawn than I could, there is something about sitting back and admiring its beauty, having spent three hours walking behind the mower, edging the driveway, sweating off a pound or so, and sipping on a nice cold (and well deserved) glass of water, lemonade, or tea.

Today there seems to be a trend of entitlement among some people whose expectations have little to do with the principle of sowing and reaping; expecting the harvest without working the soil.  However, as the old adage goes, “freedom is not free.”  Yes, we enjoy the benefits, privileges, and rights that accompany American citizenship.  There is, however, a certain level of ethic and responsibility that is expected in return for those blessings.

The attitude of entitlement does not protect those advantages, but in fact, gradually takes them farther from our reach.  Admittedly, it is much easier and more time efficient to take advantage of the free car wash, but it is not necessarily the better option when all is said and done.  There is a positive kind of pride that comes from doing a thing, doing it right, and doing it well.

You may have correctly guessed that I just spent some time with my pickup truck, now thinking how nice it looks for a ’99 model.  It was tiring, but somehow I feel energized, gratified, and productive.  The principle behind that feeling rings true for most areas of life.

Well, there is more to be said, but right now I think I will go for a drive.  Have a blessed day!