It’s Time to Take Out the Trash

by Dr. Steven J. Callis

In May 1987, the Bobro 400 set sail from New York Harbor with 3,200 tons of garbage. The barge travelled 6,000 miles in search of a place to dump its load. It returned to New York Harbor after 8 weeks with the same load.
That is an apt description of people who want nothing to do with Christian religion, or people who go to church but refuse the advances of God’s grace on their lives.  They live every day loaded down with guilt, sin, frustration, brokenness, bitterness, shame – and all the while, Jesus is waiting to take their garbage upon himself and bear that load in their place. 
Picture yourself leaving the house every day with a couple of bags full of garbage, carrying them on your back everywhere you go, and then returning home in the evening with those same two bags of trash.  Why would anyone do that?  They wouldn’t!  So why would we carry around our spiritual (sinful) and emotional garbage when there is Someone willing to take care of it for us?
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