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How to be in the Right Place at the Right Time

July 28, 2016

by Dr. Steven J. Callis

A blogger recently wrote about the secret of being in the right place at the right time.  The key, he wrote, is persistence.  He declared that a relentless pursuit of one’s goals is the only way to ‘get lucky.’  He claims that winning is inevitable for those who keep doing the things that success demands.  His secret is to “keep on showing up.”  If your right time is not today, keep coming back to the same place, and your time will come.

I am not enthusiastic about placing my hope on “luck.”  Could there be another answer?  It seems to me that being in the right place at the right time will happen by making right choices.  Choosing well is the key, which includes choices to pursue and choices to retreat.

We tend to consider life-changing moments in our lives as the big events, such as choosing a college, or a career, or a spouse.  Indeed, those are crucial decisions.  How much different would life be for my brothers and me if my parents had not chosen to relocate to another state when I was in fifth grade and my oldest brother was a junior in high school?

In a sense, however, every choice is life-changing to some degree.  Small choices often lead to decisions that bear more significance.  My parents did not simply awaken one morning and decide, “Hey, let’s move back to Tennessee.”  Certainly there were other decisions and circumstances that led to this weighty transition of life.

Eight years ago I made the choice to say ‘yes,’ and became the new pastor at First Church of the Nazarene in Douglasville, Georgia.  This decision was precipitated by earlier choices that eventually led to our relocation.  With a daughter entering high school, my wife and I prayerfully accepted the call, and our first Sunday was August 3, 2008.  This week we celebrate 8 years with our loving church family.

I am also blessed to pastor a church that, this week, celebrates 40 years of ministry in Douglasville.  On July 25, 1976, a choice was prayerfully made by the Georgia District Church of the Nazarene to plant a new church in Douglasville.  It is an honor to welcome friends and leaders from our past, to remember and honor the significant developments of the church over these four decades.

The church is in a ‘good place,’ and I am blessed to shepherd these gracious people.  I am in what I believe to be the right place at this right time because of prayerful choices I have made in the past which led me here and continue to keep me here; because of decisions this church and others have made, and thus it seems to be a God-ordained day in my life and in the life of the church.

Some of the choices have seemed small and insignificant; others were obviously crucial.  Yet all of the choices worked together bringing us to this hour in our existence.  There are yet more options to be considered, more decisions to be made, and more choices to be declared.  They all will work together to lead us on the road ahead as we serve the Lord Jesus in this community.

On behalf of this church, we offer thanks to God and our gratitude to you for the privilege to be part of your community.  We have awesome business neighbors who have become our friends, and we have made many friends across the area.  So, feel free to celebrate with us right now and voice a hip-hip-hooray or a “praise the Lord” as we celebrate God’s hand of blessing.