Tribute to Baby Blue

Dr. Steven J. Callis
               She was my first, which like many guys, makes her quite special.  We were
together a couple of years, and I honestly do not remember why we parted ways.
However, I have thought about her many times over the years, and have even dreamt
about her three times in recent months.
          I called her “Baby Blue.”  She was 9 years old when I met her: ’63 Ford Falcon,
baby blue with a white convertible top, royal blue seats, automatic shift on the column,
and a V6 engine under the hood.  I loved that car.  We enjoyed some fun trips together
and made some great memories.
          One night I surprised Baby Blue with a special gift.  My friend Kenny came
across 2 bucket seats from a Mustang, and they matched the interior of Baby Blue.  So
one evening Kenny and Roger came over and “helped me” install those seats, replacing
the original bench seat.  It is amazing what that did for Baby Blue.  She rode better,
drove better, and looked better.  She graduated from ‘cool’ to ‘super cool’ in one night.
I have owned other cars that I really liked, including the truck I have been driving
now for fifteen years.  But my first car was quite special, and in some ways no other
vehicle of mine has compared to Baby Blue.
          Whatever the reason that I decided it was time for a change, one thing is clear
today: I did not fully appreciate what I had.  My age was one reason for that, having too
little life experience to realize the present blessing.  Often we focus too much on the
small dings and minor mechanical issues of life instead of looking beyond to the greater
value of the whole,
          So I am grateful that among the good she gave me, Baby Blue taught me a life
lesson only after I had let her go.  Joni Mitchell sang in her seventies song, Big Yellow
Taxi: “Don’t it always seem to go, you don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone…”  But it
does not have to be that way!
         I am blessed with a beautiful wife, three great kids and their families, a loving
church family, nice house, nice truck – – appreciating what we have motivates us to
treasure it, fight for it, and honor it.  Had I learned that life lesson as a teenager, I might
be driving Baby Blue up and down the streets of Douglasville today!
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    Dreams and blessings… they make life just grand!

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