Where’s the Fire?

JUST THINKING:  In 1899 Jacob German of New York City became the first driver to be arrested for speeding.  The posted speed limit was 12 miles per hour.  He was really in a hurry!!!  On one of my recent trips I was cruising along at 70mph enjoying some quiet time with the Lord and the beautiful scenery of His world when, seemingly out from nowhere, a vehicle swooshed by me headed to a fire (I presumed…”where’s the fire?).  It happened too quickly for me to see the driver, but I can tell you that he was in one of those little “Smart” cars that appeared to have his tires about 2 feet off the pavement!  He had to be doing 85 or 90!

     Anyway, Jacob began a long list of men and women who would be cited for excessive speed in a vehicle.  In fact, there is a strong chance that the majority of our readers today are on that list!  Yes, I confess that I am one of them 😦    Whatever it is in us that wants to go faster, farther, quicker, is what makes it so very difficult to “wait on the Lord” and to “be still” and know Him as God of all the heavens and earth.

     Back in Jacob’s day people sat on their front porch on Sunday afternoons and many evenings to simply relax and unwind.  Oh that we could find an hour to just stop – no cell phone, no hurrying here or there – just a slow quiet, waiting with the Lord.

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