That’s Not the Way I Hunted Eggs

by Steven J. Callis

The annual Egg Hunt is a tradition that continues to rank high among Easter festivities. I have noticed some new twists, however, to the tradition that were not around when I was a kid.
The glow-in-the-dark egg hunt is a popular item this year; a way to refresh tradition, I suppose. Special glow-in-the-dark eggs may be purchased, or special paints can be used to transform regular plastic eggs, or glow lights can be placed inside the plastic oval shapes. There are even complete “programs” available for purchase that include eggs, curriculum, and a DVD.
Another twist on tradition of the standard egg hunt was seen in an article last week suggesting that the egg hunters each be assigned a color, and they can only keep eggs of their designated color. The idea is to freshen tradition, but also to help keep the “competition” more even.
There was a promo for a church in the area that is doing an underwater egg hunt. Now that IS a new one on me! Unfortunately, the weather has decided to turn freezing cold this week! Will they be able to entice anyone into the pool?
Well, I am not really opposed to new ideas about hunting eggs when I realize the fact that Easter is for everyone; that the Good News of Jesus Christ can be received and experienced by all, and in a myriad of methods and places. The concept of the Jesus film, for example, has truly been anointed. According to The New York Times, the Jesus film is likely the most-watched motion picture of all time. The Jesus Film Project states that Jesus has been viewed billions of times. It has been translated into 1,190 different languages and dialects.
I am not a “universalist” in my theology, but I do believe, based on Scripture, that the offer of God’s precious gift of eternal life is universal in scope; it is for all peoples of all ages in every culture and every ethnicity. It does not discriminate by education, economy, age, gender, geographical location, or social status. Maybe the myriad of colored eggs and the unique methods of hunting and finding them this year will remind us all of the great love and grace of God through Jesus Christ. Have a blessed Easter celebration!

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