Eyes 2 See

It’s kinda funny, in a way, the things we see.  A friend recently posted a picture of an interesting building and quizzed his readers, “Do you know where I’m at?”  The responses were varied, and some were quite humorous.  Amazingly, several responders correctly identified the location.

But my very first reaction to the question, “Do you know where I’m at?” was, “English 101!”  There were a couple of other comments about that grammatical structure of the question.  My actual post to the question was, “No, but keep looking around.  You’ll recognize something familiar eventually!”

Another somewhat comical answer was, “Behind a dirty window!”  There appeared to be some kind of haze in the picture, and may well have been taken from indoors.

Well, some of us saw the question.  Others saw the quality of the photo.  Still others, the majority, saw the building in the photo, and made their guess accordingly.  Yes, it’s kinda funny, sometimes, what we see.

The challenging story in the Bible of the man named Job comes to a close with his awesome declaration:  My ears had heard of you, but now my eyes have seen you. (42:5)

A personal experience with the Living God changes our perspective; our worldview, our understanding of faith and religion, our acceptance of others, and a true picture of ourselves.  It is one thing to be religious, but quite another to have a relationship with Jesus Christ.  In Him, we go from hearing to seeing; from knowing about Him to knowing and experiencing Him.

Paul Baloche penned these lyrics which shout out my daily desire: Open the eyes of my heart Lord, open the eyes of my heart; I want to see You, I want to see You!

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One Comment on “Eyes 2 See”

  1. Loretta Bullock Says:


    Really enjoy your articles. Who knew that you would do so well with English 101?? Your answer to the badly worded question was “priceless.”

    Seriously, your articles are insightful and human…..down to earth. Your perspectives really do bring light to the eyes of your readers.


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