Aggression CAN Be Good

I conducted a quick, simple test a couple of days ago by entering the single word “aggressive” in my web browser.  With only two exceptions, the results pointed to something negative, such as how to handle an aggressive animal.  Many of the suggested articles either changed my search to “assertive” or compared the two terms.  I ran the same test for images, and without exception, the pictures were of mean or mad looking animals and people.  This certainly follows our society’s idea about aggression – assertion is okay, aggression is bad.

I have enjoyed watching the bowl games this year, and now we’re ready for the NFL playoffs.  I can just hear the coach before the game talking to his players, “Okay men, let’s go out there and be assertive!”  No, he wants his players to be aggressive on the football field; play to win.  And I believe Jesus has called us to an aggressive faith when He commanded us to go into all the world and make disciples.

The fisherman will have little success if he sits casually in his boat waiting for his trophy to leap into the bucket.  Instead, he uses many kinds of lures, fish finders, depth finders, rods and reels, time, and energy.  He is aggressive in his quest for a trophy catch.

Why not challenge ourselves to be aggressive in 2014.  Live an aggressive faith.  Practice aggressive outreach.  Be an aggressive witness for Christ.  It is not God’s will that anyone perish, but that all come to repentance; yet, how much longer will He wait?  Will we be desperate, deliberate, and aggressive for Christ?

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