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Despondent or Respondent?

November 7, 2012

Despondent or Respondent?

By Steven J. Callis

More disconcerting than who occupies the Oval Office is the obvious implication of how we, as a nation, have transgressed the Word of God by perverting it to suit our own ideologies.  We have shunned the holiness of God, antiquated His Word, ignored His laws and precepts, yet we still expect to receive His grace and mercy.  How arrogant we have become!

Our nation has elected into the highest office of government a man whose personal and political ideas are foreign to the Christian mind.  It directly affects issues related to family, life, and faith-based organizations, but it also trickles throughout every facet of his administration, from foreign policy to economics to healthcare.

I have not experienced this degree of gut-wrenching dread since September 11, 2001.  The fallout from our decision to give this president four more years is completely unpredictable.  But the change we need in America is not in the Oval Office; it is in our neighborhoods and churches and homes – it is in the hearts of the American people.

The church must courageously and strongly lead in the quest for spiritual revival across our nation.  The call is not to preach religion, but to proclaim Jesus Christ as the only way to true salvation; indeed, our only hope.  Let us, church, not become despondent, but respondent to this latest development in our land.  Raise high the banner of holiness, the way of love.  Let us not forsake the daily practice of prayer for a nation that desperately needs spiritual healing.  Selah.