Saving a Life is Pretty Cool

Saving a Life is Pretty Cool – Steven J. Callis

“Saving a life is pretty cool.”  These are the words of Bryce, a 19 year old college student who endured a painful week-long procedure to donate bone marrow to a 47 year old leukemia patient in need of a transplant.  The young man’s mother said the pain he experienced during the process actually brought him to his knees.  He compared it to severely straining a muscle while lifting weights, except all over his body.

            As if this story needs another mark of character in it, Bryce knowingly sacrificed a starting position on his collegiate football team this fall in order to serve as a bone marrow donor.  Because of the procedure, his bones will be too weak to risk playing football this year.  How did he feel about that?  “When you compare losing a passion to losing a life, they are pretty easy to weigh against each other,” Bryce said.

            Bryce’s friend since elementary school is also fighting a battle with leukemia and is in need of a transplant.  While Bryce was not a matching candidate for his friend, he was able to transfer that life-saving desire to help someone else, having learned about the potential while attending a donor drive for his friend.

            This reminds me of a similar story about a little boy whose brother needed a life-saving operation.  The parents explained to him that he had the same blood type as his brother, who would need blood during surgery in order to survive.  Agreeing to give his own blood to save his brother’s life, the nurse made the necessary preparations and then began the procedure.  After a few seconds the parents noticed tears running down his cheeks.  Asking if he was in pain, his quivering lips spoke, “How long before I die?”  In his mind, he thought giving up his blood to save his brother’s life would end his own.

            The Christian faith believes in the crucified and risen Christ, whose volitional, sacrificial death on a cross made atonement for the sins of humankind, by which those who believe receive His gift of eternal life.  Through one man (Adam), sin entered the world, and through One (Jesus), sin is pardoned.  I don’t mean this sacrilegiously, but I think Jesus would agree with Bryce: “Yes, it’s pretty ‘cool’ to save a life.”

If you have not experienced this life-saving gift, I urge you to contact a local church pastor to find out more about God’s gift of life. 

By the way, donating blood could save another person’s life, and you can find more information about that act of kindness through the Red Cross.  Also, doing a simple kind deed for someone else may not save the person’s life, but it could rescue a moment of it.  Reach out and give someone else a reason to smile today.

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