Remembering Who mom Is

Remembering Who Mom Is

By Steven J. Callis

                Being the last of her three sons, I always saw my mom as a woman.  I remember as a child seeing my mom as young and pretty, but she was still a woman.  Many children have difficulty picturing this truth, but moms once were girls!  I don’t recall seeing that side of my mom, but I saw pictures of her B.C. years (before children!).  She played high school basketball.  She went on dates.  As a child she played with baby dolls.  Yes, my mom used to be a girl!

               But to me, she has always been my mom.  From my very first breath she loved me and cared for me and nurtured me.  She taught me about the important things in life.  She taxied her sons to ball games and music recitals and birthday parties and school events.  She nursed my bumps and cuts and bruises.  She let me lie on the floor and pretend to be a mechanic to the vacuum while she cleaned the carpets.  Family was her life.

               Mom and dad made church attendance a priority.  From my earliest memory they were involved in church, singing in the choir, teaching Sunday School, ushering, cooking – – Sunday School, morning worship, evening service, Wednesday church, and every revival service – – we were there.

               I am blessed not only with that heritage, but with one of my mom’s Bibles.  On the front page are these words: “From my boys, Mother’s Day, 1989.”  There are listings of important dates, such as weddings and birthdays and deaths. It is not the only Bible she used, but there are a few handwritten notes throughout its pages.  Many verses are highlighted with pink or blue or yellow markers, and some also underlined with ink.

               She especially loved the Psalms and Paul’s writings.  Next to the 23rd Psalm she wrote, “Serene with Eternity in view.”  Elsewhere there were other quotes or thoughts, such as, “Do not be afraid of tomorrow, for God is already there,” and “All our times are in God’s hands.”

               Of all the time she spent with me and of all the things she taught me, I am thankful for my Bible-reading mom whose life was committed to the Lord, His Church, and her family.  She went home to be with the Lord a few years ago, but she’s always been my mom.

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